Large supply | 26 inch tipped tricone bit

Large supply | 26 inch tipped tricone bit

Product description:

Model: Various Drilling diameter: 660 (mm) Alias: cone bit
Drilling depth: Standard (m) Drilling angle: Standard (°) Uses: oil exploration
Brand: Vientiane Custom processing: Dimensions: 660 (mm)

Hejian City, Vientiane Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. offers a variety of models, sizes, types of three-cone drill.

There tipped tricone bit (for hard texture layer); steel tooth tricone bit (soft ground)

Rubber seal (ordinary) and metal sealing drill

Slide bearings and rolling bearings tricone bit

Some with trimming tooth, center spray, flow augmentation, convex top wedge tooth, dorsal strengthening and so on.

Provide various types of drill bits, can also be customized according to customer demand for processing, inexpensive, value for money, welcome the industry to purchase.

The company supplies various types of styles of cone drill (Machinable unconventional large diameter drill bit product) quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

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