133mm537 cone bit

133mm537 cone bit

Product description:

Model: Various Drilling diameter: Customizable (mm) Alias: cone bit
Drilling depth: Standard (m) Drilling angle: Standard (°) Uses: oil exploration
Brand: Vientiane Custom processing: Dimensions: Customizable (mm)

Metal seal tricone bit

Metal seal tricone bit

Metal sealed three-cone drill tricone bit rubber seal tricone bit

Metal sealed three-cone drill bit is suitable for vertical wells, high reliability drill directional wells, drill the series in succession conventional HJ series bit superior bearing quality, while cutting structure adjustment, alloy steel teeth dressing tooth material and welding materials to improve the the ability to adapt to a variety of complex drill formations.

Its structural characteristics:
1. Bearing precision with radial sliding, two thrust bearing; tooth palm bearing surface surfacing layer of hard alloy, cone bearing inserts welded minus running after gold silver, improve the bearing capacity and resistance to bite ability.
2. The use of high-precision metal seal metal seal by a pair of elaborate design processing of metal sealing ring as bearing axial dynamic seals, two high elastic rubber energizing ring as a static seal which are located within the teeth palm and cone sealing area sealing compression ensures optimized two metal ring seal surface always kept in good contact.
3. Locking roller ball, to adapt to high speed.
4. Using limit the pressure and prevent drilling fluid into the lubrication system of all-rubber reservoir bag for bearing system provides good lubrication guarantee.
5. The use of new high-temperature resistant to 250 ° C, anti-wear grease.
6. tipped drill using high strength and high toughness carbide gear, optimize the design of the tooth row number, gear, toothy height and unique alloy tooth shape, give full play to the tipped drill bit high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability Steel teeth drill tooth face apply welding new wear-resistant materials, steel tooth bits, while maintaining high ROP and improved bit cutting teeth life.
Steel tooth drill formations applicable:
1. Low compressive strength high drillability soft formation
2. The high compressive strength of the medium hard formations
3. Semi-abrasive and grinding of hard formation
4. Low high compressive strength Drillability extremely hard formations
Tipped drill formations applicable:
1. Low compressive strength of soft to medium formation
2. high compressive strength in hard formations
3. Semi-abrasive and grinding of hard formation
4. High abrasive extremely hard formations

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