Professional custom large size piling drill, reaming drill bit, drill pile

Professional custom large size piling drill, reaming drill bit, drill pile

Product description:

Type: Standard Drilling diameter: Standard (mm) Synonyms: assembly drill
Uses: Construction Piling Brand: Vientiane Custom processing:
Dimensions: Standard (mm)

Assembly cone bit
Piles can be used in all types of rock formations encountered in drilling, drill specifications for Ф295 ~ 3000mm using the domestic first dual pivot round hat;. Greatly improved the situation by force cone; life expectancy increased by 1 times than ordinary cone or more, and the total elimination of the cone to the construction inconvenience. dorsal tooth wear mechanism improves the outer palm abrasion resistance. Casings protective strip, and further enhance the stability of the drill and extending bit life.

The product is currently the most effective tool against solid rock hard formations and gravel layer, layer of boulders, with unique performance and reasonable prices, drill diameter of Ф295 ~ 3000mm. Exported to many countries and regions in the country, port , construction, mining, railway, highway project uses a combination tipped drill bit to solve the construction problems, reducing user costs and improve efficiency.

Structural features
Hob high strength YG carbide teeth than welding steel Carbide Cutters used in wear resistance is increased by 2 to 3 times.
Hob use of special bearing, through a special heat treatment, easy to wear, long service life.
Due to the double supporting bearing structure; stress condition is good; compared to cone drilling; and significantly increase bearing life
Special casing protection, scientific hydraulics designed to make the drill greatly improved stability and longevity.

Assembly cone bit suitable for perfusion bedrock drilling, drilling wells and vents, to adapt to the formation of strong, medium and breeze of rock and gravel, such as granite, gneiss, sandstone, limestone, shale and so on.

Assembly drill Features
1 Water mechanics use clear hole bottom sediment; 2 domestic first dual-pointing cone; 3 dorsal anti-wear structure; 4 unique cone distribution reasonable manner; 5 fast protection casing, the drill stability is further enhanced and extended drill The life 6 combination cone bit performance; sharp resistance, abrasion resistance, robustness, stability, polyethylene slag and self-cleaning, security.

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