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Diamond Compacts for PDC Drill Rock Bit

Diamond Compacts for PDC Drill Rock Bit
  • Diamond Compacts for PDC Drill Rock Bit
Product code: 19959000001
Unit price: 2000-10000 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Wanxiang
  • Model Number: cover all IADC codes
  • Type: PDC Polycrystalline Diamond Compact
  • Machine Type: Drilling Equipment
  • Certification: API
  • Material: Diamond
  • Use: Well Drilling
  • Application: oil field
  • Height: 8-25mm
  • Size: 13.3-19.05mm
  • Diamond thickness: 2.0�0.2mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Wooden cases or as per customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail: within 7 days after receipt of payment


Diamond Compacts
1. All sizes available
2. Sealed bearings
3. Gauge protection
4. Can be customized

Polycrystalline diamond cutters comprise a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) top layer integrally sintered onto a tungsten carbide substrate using a high-pressure, high-temperature process. This layer combination allows consistently high drilling performance to be maintained. The polycrystalline diamond layer offers controlled wear and the retention of a sharp cutting edge. The tungsten carbide substrate provides a strong and tough support for the polycrystalline diamond layer while facilitating attachment to the drill bit body.


1. Standard and customised polycrystalline diamond cutters (also known as polycrystalline diamond compacts or PDC) for use in oil & gas drill bits.

2. Excellent bonding between diamond particles
3. Superior drilling performance

4. Fast delivery

Available sizes

Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Diamond Thickness (mm) Diamond chamfer Carbide Chamfer
19.05 25.00 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
19.05 16.00 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
19.05 13.20 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
19.05 8.00 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
16.00 16.00 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
16.00 13.20 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
16.00 8.00 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
13.44 13.20 2.0±0.2 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
13.44 8.00 1.6-1.8 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
13.3 4.50 1.6-1.8 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
13.3 4.50 1.4-1.6 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°
13.3 4.50 1.1-1.3 0.3mm*45° 0.5mm*45°

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