Knitted Cotton Dress ldp Qingdao

Knitted Cotton Dress ldp Qingdao

Product description:

***Follow apparel products, professional operation textiles, quickly confirmed that the US tax rates, tariffs accurate to each ' member ' clothes LDP costs;
*** Operational efficiency against the clock, day and night to keep Sino-US communication no difference, all the details of the operation will strive to perfect ;
*** Select shipowner quality shipping cycle, in order to ensure the overall quality of service LDP ;
*** American owned clearance lines, good clearance record, full clearance time ;
*** American warehousing, transport, Lu Yunhan cover US states, pay attention to aging, shorten delivery times ;
Fifteen years focused on garment exports, focus your attention, because the focus, so professional.
Depth logistics, is the future trend, the United States LDP, full door to door, is the future trend of the US trade.
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