Knit cardigan

Knit cardigan

Product description:

Shanghai Raintree International firsthand the operation of China's major harbor to the whole territory of the United States of freight transport services, operational sea or air LDP LDP to the whole territory of the United States Shuangqing delivery, shipping select sailing steady, fast and accurate shipping companies: MATSON, EVERGREEN, KLINE, COSCO, MSC, so as to control the time of berthing time have more than ten years of textile exports to the US LDP, DDP transportation experience, with its own entrance strong professional company and customs clearance company, Sino-US two places in the United States 24 hours a day to maintain direct communication of information to each other, the possibility of problems on operation can minimize the tracking control and the right goods for goods to seize the initiative.

US LDP: landed duty paid of USA, is a DDP price of international trade, and in fact it is the same and DDP terms, sellers need to be responsible for all cargo transportation, insurance and destination country customs clearance, tax, shipping, has the goods to the buyer until the specified delivery address. Vendors own risk and expense, to provide an import license, the burden of any import duties and taxes, including the destination customs border inspection fees and any other taxes or fees due to imports of goods delivered to the buyer and payable.

Operation Process: The former Raintree International will offer in writing, column clear cost breakdown and inform the cost of customer orders that may arise after China and the United States that the first customers other end customers, just wait for the receipt relaxed and enjoy. Raintree International brings services.