Men's cotton suit jacket ldp export

Men's cotton suit jacket ldp export

Product description:

LDP factories and foreign trade company received orders, most worried about the problems encountered nothing more than the following four questions:
1) payment of part of the US operation mode LDP convenient to the buyer, so the cooperation of the volume of such transactions will be destined to other than FOB, CIF is more stable, but most buyers will move to Hong Kong after payment , how to ensure the interests of SHIPPER.
2) freight unprofessional. For a start canvassing mouthful promise, and found the goods to the port of destination clearance missing, can not clearance, and then let SHIPPER temporary replacement freight forwarding goods to Hong Kong after looking all over the world to undertake the proxy, and finally It delayed the scheduled delivery.
3) freight turn a few hands, get information lag. Whether goods to Hong Kong, the United States whether to release clearance, and the consignee appointment Shiyao time delivery, since the information every few hands and when the final implementation of information to SHIPPER has been greatly reduced, Let SHIPPER in a passive state.
4) the risk of the United States of LDP. Our company specializes in operating US LDP Business fifteen years, for all the operational details and procedures well known, we clearly have to know 'no risk' and 'lower risk' must establish ruffle-like basis, a word can describe clearly not the network.