Product description:

Berberine mountainous area of ​​western Hubei Province expensive medicines, even chicken .

The effectiveness of berberine

Ranunculaceae Coptis evergreen perennial herb. Aka Kawatsure, even taste, chicken berberine. In rhizome medicine. Its roots as Pente and yellow, hence the name. Mainly produced in China, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces. Cultivation the largest, accounting for about 70-80 % of total production, sold throughout the country, and exports. berberine is a national protected plants.

15-25 cm height. Rhizomes yellow, often branching into a clustered like, shaped like a chicken, festival more dense, most students have to be. Basal leaf blade ovate-triangular, 3-5 lobed, lobes again as pinnatipartite. spring yellow-green flowers open, 2 manifold or dichasium, flowers 3-8 flowers. spring and early summer results. seeds oblong, brown.

When used as a medicine have rhizomes purging fire detoxification, heat dampness effect, can cure when thermally drugs, high fever, irritability, diarrhea, dysentery, mouth sores, boils ulcer drug embolism pharmacological tests show that there are antibacterial and antiviral, antiprotozoal effect, and can reduce blood pressure, dilation of coronary arteries. berberine -containing berberine, berberine and other alkaloids, and the other one containing Cork, Cork lactone and other ingredients.