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Cotton Knit Sweater 2017 Spring New Lapel Knit Cardigan Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan Sweater Jacket

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Product parameters:

  • Material Composition: Cotton 100%
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Brand: early cotton
  • Clothing version type: Straight
  • Item No .: 262606008
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commute: Simplicity
  • Style: cardigan
  • Combination forms: single piece
  • Length: conventional models
  • Sleeve: long sleeves
  • Collar: collar
  • Sleeve type: conventional
  • Clothing placket: single breasted
  • pattern: plain
  • Component content: 95% or more
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Applicable age: 25-29 years of age
  • Listing Year / Season: Spring 2016
  • Color classification: white black light gray ash blue lotus root pink light blue mint green yellow
  • Size: 155 / S 160 / M 165 / L 170 / XL

Strong twist cotton smooth and comfortable

People always like cotton fabric, ordinary cotton fabric soft, moisture perspiration,

However, the traditional cotton fabric twist low, the yarn surface hairiness and more, the appearance of poor quality, easy to wrinkle and no bones.

Old cotton tried 5Paragraph yarn proofing, are non-ideal state, and finally enabled the strong twist cotton.

Different from the ordinary strong twist cotton twist, the old cotton used 32Double-stranded, the first single-twisting yarn, twisted after the joint stock,

Double twist, high twist, its degree of far more than ordinary twist cotton,

The structure of the yarn is more tight, the fabric just stiff increase, to retain the sense of yarn.

Double twist, time-consuming and labor-intensive, the cost is higher than ordinary twist more than double,

But with anti-pilling, wear and wash, not as long as the general fabric after a long wash with a sense of fluff.

General clothing often rely on to join the spandex or weave texture to improve the elasticity, the beginning of cotton this fabric process only to increase the elasticity of the yarn,

At the cost of the complex process, the characteristics of pure natural cotton to its full extent,

Giving a simple and comfortable wearing experience, improve the sense of quality of life, personal wear as the body 'second layer of skin' in general.

Knitting and Shirt Collision

Ordinary cardigan too much, it is difficult in many models in a refined,

This will be knitted fabrics and shirt version of the type combination of elegance and reckless temperament of the collision, add art retro atmosphere.

Collar design shirt collar, the size and circumference through 7Times to adjust, side to get this version of type, set off more exquisite face compact.

Collar and collar together with the weaving, fashion novel, with soft and soft knitted fabric,

At the same time with the shirt version of the type of neatness, with the retro, with more choices.

Before the film using complex wave wave needle method, set off the body of the flat knitting, structured, three-dimensional sense of super,

High demand for workers and machines, high wear and tear, the cost of natural high.

Hem cuff rib needle with spandex, good resilience, not easy to deformation,

Seven colors with style and art style complement each other, giving more chance to wear to wear,

Simple and generous style, steady elegance of color, fine fabrics, it will become your autumn and winter wild single product.

PS: This section for the cotton, can be washed. Drying recommended drying basket in the drying basket, such as with hangers, please hang clothes hanging on clothes racks after drying, avoid hanging drying, easy to make clothes stretch deformation (Quality defects of cotton clothes, non - product quality)

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Tips: Manual measurement, there will be 1-3cm error, please take the kind prevail.