International door to door transport service

International door to door transport service

Product description:

Shanghai Raintree International freight shipping is a professional operation team 'American LDP, USA DDP' double clearance door to door service relative to other freight is concerned, the Division I in the United States which have the advantage LDP operation, embodied in the following three points :
First, the advantage of time on the experience :
Our US operations LDP has fifteen years of experience early in garment export quotas when the United States needs the United States began operating LDP, at that time a variety of approaches, there is a third country transit, out of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the OPA or CO. Also Q agency experienced single quota directly from China, which saves time and effort, the risk is small, but the higher cost of quotas, such as : jeans quota would block more than 10 US dollars / DOZ 2005 the elimination of quotas, then the need to provide (input US textile license) . Since January 1, 2009, clothing products can be normal goods exports to the US, and as long as the right boxes, invoices can be a normal clearance. Our company is all the way with the Sino-US trade barriers continue to generate burst, knock bump bump grow and persevered in the United States specializing in freight forwarding LDP .