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Professional supplier of PDC coring DFC1312 PDC drill bits | PDC coring drill

Professional supplier of PDC coring DFC1312 PDC drill bits | PDC coring drill
  • Professional supplier of PDC coring DFC1312 PDC drill bits | PDC coring drill
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Model: DFC1312 Drilling diameter: Standard (mm) Brand: Vientiane
Custom processing: Dimensions: Standard (mm)

Hejian City, Vientiane Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading oilfield; mine; wells and other industrial and agricultural building to provide professional services company mining accessories; main production operations (Jianghan; Jiangxi dragon; Sichuan Sichuan stone; Tianjin Li Lin; Hebei cutting-edge; Shanghai production; Shandong Province, etc.) domestic production of 3-inch drill bit plant (76mm) -26 inches (660mm) of various specifications: cone bits, tricone tipped drill bits, tricone steel tooth bits, cone palm sheet, large caliber assembly drill, air drill, reverse circulation drill, drill water wells, oil drill, drill assembly, PDC drill bits, rock reamer, PDC PDC drill bits, three wing concave, scraper, single cone bit, composite sheet PDC bits , coring drill large diameter drill assembly. (Baoji, Shaanxi, Jiangsu Taixing), and other manufacturers of various types of drill pipe elevator, tubing elevator, casing elevator, etc., including the side 18 degrees and 90 degrees to open the door hanging cards, Ngau Tau Elevators, etc. (arm, arms) rings, safety slips, various connectors, mud pump, drill pipe, drill collars and other commonly used drilling tool accessories, while the supply of renewable cast tungsten carbide. (domestic and imported) PDC, etc.

I plant is also equipped with professional and technical personnel, advanced production equipment and specialized testing equipment, in strict accordance with product quality system for production, testing. Quality products, efficient service, is the fundamental business survival, pioneering spirit, excellence 'is the core enterprise culture, adhering to quality assured, assured delivery, service assured 'business philosophy, we won the majority of domestic and foreign customers a great affirmation. welcome to our factory inspection, guidance!

I produced a year-round supply of oil PDC bits; and get the oil network card; quality assurance; price concessions - we look forward to your cooperation ~

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