Hejian City, Vientiane factory direct diamond bits, PDC bits

Hejian City, Vientiane factory direct diamond bits, PDC bits

Product description:

Model : Various Drilling diameter : Customizable (mm) Alias ​​: PDC drill bits
Purpose : Drilling mining, oil drilling Brand : Vientiane Custom processing:
Dimensions : Customizable (mm)

PDC PDC drill advantage

1; force balance design of the drill has good orientation; adaptation applied to directional drilling with downhole motor; a smaller radial vibration;
2, patent PDC composite sheet rational arrangement of different structures in different locations of the drill bit with a strong attack and anti- abrasive ;
3, strong aggressive design of the drill availability of high ROP ;
4, dynamic flow field simulation technology used in hydraulic design, optimization of downhole flow field, help to improve chip speed and anti- balling .
5, because the main material for PDC bits cast tungsten carbide and diamond composite sheet, so it's long life and high value .

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