Shanghai Jianghan 9 1/2 tipped three-cone drill, oil drilling equipment

Shanghai Jianghan 9 1/2 tipped three-cone drill, oil drilling equipment

Product description:

Model: Complete Drilling diameter: Standard (mm) Brand: Vientiane
Custom processing: Dimensions: Standard (mm)

My company supplies various types tipped cone bit

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2) the company's overall product overview

Hejian City, Vientiane Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Types of

Tipped drill bits; steel tooth bits and PDC bits; coal mining drill; air drill; fight caliber assembly drill


Oilfield beat; beat well; mining; coal mining; Geological Survey; hydrology detection; piling; drilling areas such as bridges; geothermal development


113; ; 114 115117127137214 215 216 216 227 237314315 316 317 325 326 327 ; 415 425 435 445417 427 437517 527 537515 525617 627 637615 625732832

Cone drill bit size

3 1/23 7/84 1/25 1/266 1/27 1/28 1/28 3/49 1/29 5/8.

10 5/812 1/413 3/414 3/415 1/21617 1/22022232426

Assembly drill size


Use stratum

Clay; soft formations; in hard formations and hard formations; lithosphere

Seals and bearings

Rubber seal and metal seal


Wooden box; tray; or customized according to requirements

payment method

Wire transfer, cash

The minimum order quantity


Supply Capacity

500 / month


Deposit received within 7 working days

3) The characteristics of the product description

Features: Drill carbide teeth cone mosaic palm.
Major diameter: 4 5/8 ', 6', 7 ', 7 1/2', 8 1/2 ", 9 1/2", 9 5/8 ", 9 7/8", 12 1/4 ', 12 1/2', 3/4 14 ', 15', 15 1/2 ', 16', 17 1/2 ', 22', 26 and the like.
Tipped cone bit for medium, medium to hard, very hard strata, widely used in oil, mining, geological exploration, hydrological exploration, piling, geothermal development, well drilling and other fields.
My company can provide the actual drilling situation specific solutions, custom arbitrary diameter drill assembly, including large-caliber machine pile drill, different models drill, reaming drill bit, drill directional wells and the like.

product manual:

1.1 Cutting Structure

Adopt a new formula of new technology of high-quality hard alloy tooth, enhance the cutting teeth mechanical properties.

1.2 gage structure

Using multiple gage protection structure: cone efflux insert trimming tooth (GT tooth), turn back; claw back set with carbide teeth; surfacing resistant Mo alloy; strengthen Zhao Jian and front side deposited weld; greatly improved

Drill gage capability.

1.3 bearing structure

Precision with radial sliding, two thrust bearings, ball tight. Tooth claw big journal and two stop surface welding have wear-resistant alloy, cone big hole and two stop surface solution inlaid special alloy and silver, increase

Vice plus bearing wear and anti-bite capacity, improve bearing ability of high speed vice adapt.

1.4 Seal lubrication

The use of advanced metal seal metal seal structure consists of two metal rings and two elastic rubber function circle composed of two functional metal ring on the cone ring and tooth claw metal ring on each functional ring

After the tension generated by the compression of the sealing surfaces of the two metal rings bonded together. Drill in the drilling process, the functions with respect to each tooth claw ring seal groove and the journal is always in the cone seal groove

Rest, play a static seal. Since the sealing reliability is greatly improved, greatly extending bit life, the metal seal for high speed drill bit. Limit the pressure

Type oil reservoir compensation structure to improve the reliability of the bearing lubrication. And grease are using imported special drill grease.

1.5 Products for

Metal seal bit stable performance, than the rubber seal bit longer life, suitable for underground power drill and high penetration rate turntable drilling.