2012-selling high-quality rock three-cone drill bits, roller bits

2012-selling high-quality rock three-cone drill bits, roller bits

Product description:

Drilling diameter: 76-660 (mm) Drilling depth: 800 (m) Customized processing: Yes
Weight: 45 (t) Article number: 537 Alias: Cone bits
Drilling angle: 90 (degrees) Brand: Vientiane Use: drilling, pile driving
Dimension: 76-660 (mm)

Hejian drilling machinery equipment co, Ltd is a leading oilfield in Vientiane; Mine; Well construction and other industrial and agricultural accessories provide mining services company; Main production business (Hubei jianghan; Jiangxi Dragon; Sichuan chuanshi; Tianjin State forest; Hebei new sharp; Shanghai produced; Shandong produced,) domestic bit factory production of 3 inch (76mm)-26 inch (660mm) various specifications: teeth round bit, three teeth round set tooth bit, three teeth round steel tooth bit, teeth round Palm tablets, big caliber assembled bit, air bit, anti-cycle bit, Wells bit, oil bit, assembled bit, PDC bit, rock spread hole device, PDC composite tablets bit, three wing within concave, Blade, Single-cone bits, PDC PDC drill bits, coring, large-diameter Assembly bit. (Baoji in Shaanxi, Jiangsu taixing) manufacturers, such as the production of various models of drill pipe elevators, pipe elevator casing elevators, including 18-degree and 90 degree side door elevators, cow elevators and so on. (Single arm, arms) rings, safety clamps, connectors, mud pump, drill pipe, drill collars, drilling tools, accessories, as well as supplying recycled cast tungsten carbide. (Domestic and imported) PDC

Our factory is also equipped with professional technicians, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, in strict accordance with product quality system for production, testing. High quality products, efficient service, is the fundamental business survival, pioneering excellence ' is the core of enterprise culture, adhering to quality assured assured delivery, service of ' business philosophy, our great sure won the majority of customers at home and abroad. All are welcome to visit our factory, the Guide!

I produced the year-round supply of PDC bit in oil company; And get the oil network card; Quality assurance; Price concessions and we look forward to your cooperation ~

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