Vientiane Supply PDC drill 5 7 / 8FM164U IADC: M344

Vientiane Supply PDC drill 5 7 / 8FM164U IADC: M344

Product description:

Model: FM163U Drilling diameter: 5 7/8 (mm) Alias: PDC drill bits
Purpose: Drilling mining oilfield Brand: Vientiane Custom processing:
Dimensions: Standard (mm)

Structural features:

1. carbide matrix drill bit, having a high degree of wear resistance and impact resistance.

2. parabolic crown, maximizing flutes area can effectively clean drill bit life increase.

3. Using hydraulic balance design, reasonable nozzle angle to obtain the desired bottomhole flow field can be adequately cleaned and cooled cutting teeth, improve the working life of the cutting teeth.

4. Asymmetric knife wing, increase drilling balance.

5. tooth, inclination, cloth tooth density optimized to improve the life of the cutting teeth, a combination of high-quality composite sheet cutting teeth and improve ROP and drilling efficiency.

6. For rotary and downhole motor drilling.

7. recommend the use of high horsepower than water.

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