pdc PDC drill bit manufacturers specializing in supply, oil drilling tools

pdc PDC drill bit manufacturers specializing in supply, oil drilling tools

Product description:

Model: Various Drilling diameter: Customizable (mm) Alias: PDC drill bits
Purpose: Drilling mining Brand: Vientiane Custom processing:
Dimensions: Customizable (mm)

Hejian City, Vientiane Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd., mainly the sale and supply of petroleum, well, mine with old cone bits, tricone bits, PDC bits, diamond drill bits, drill collars imports, import drill pipe, mud pump, derrick, Elevators, hanging inlay and various drilling accessories and equipment.

The bit body material classification
⒈ matrix type PDC bit matrix type PDC (PDC) PDC drill bit is soldered by brazing on a cutting type drill bit carcass carcass drill sintered tungsten carbide powder, artificial poly polycrystalline diamond compact brazed tungsten carbide matrix, with natural diamond gage. ⒉ steel-body PDC drill steel body PDC drill bits, are nickel, chromium, molybdenum alloy machining shape. After heat treatment drilling on the drill bit body strong synthetic polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is pressed into (tight fit) drill bit body with columnar tungsten carbide gage.

In accordance with applicable industry classification
⒈ geological exploration drill composite sheet is mainly used for geological prospecting exploration PDC drill for soft to medium-hard rock, some manufacturers now newly developed new composite sheet can be applied to ten hardness of the rock. ⒉ coalfield drilling composite sheet drill is mainly used for coal mine coal seam drilling excavation. formations in general relatively soft coal, PDC drill bits are a large number of applications, such as anchor drill, drill bits and other three wings. ⒊ oil exploration drill composite sheet is mainly used in oil and gas drilling using the drill bit. For now, oilfield PDC PDC drill bits are all inside the highest cost, highest requirements can be said to be a composite sheet drill inside the aristocracy.

Edit this paragraph development of PDC bits
In the past few years, the quality and type of PDC cutters have undergone tremendous changes. If the 1980s teeth with today's tooth to compare, then, the difference is quite large due to changes in the mixing process and the manufacturing process quality performance of today's cutting teeth is much better, so that the anti-erosion and impact drill capabilities are greatly improved. Engineers also on the interfacial carbide between the substrate and the synthetic diamond is optimized to enhance the cutting teeth toughness. layered diamond technology innovations in is also used to improve the abrasion resistance and thermal stability of the product. In addition to the development of materials and workmanship, PDC products in the teeth and tooth placement design techniques also achieved significant breakthrough. Now, PDC products can be used in areas not previously applied, such as harder, more abrasive formations and varied. This expansion into new areas of diamond (fixed cutter) Drill and greatly affect the balance between the occurrence of a roller cone bit. Initially, PDC drill bit can only be used for soft shale formations, because the hard mezzanine will damage the drill bit. However, due to the emergence of new technologies and changes in the structure of the current PDC bits for hard rock formations has been able to drill hard and long segment of the mezzanine. PDC drill bits are increasingly chosen people, especially with the continuous improvement of quality PDC cutter, this situation more and more prominent. Since the drill bit improved design and teeth. PDC bit can be directed also will increase, which further weakened in the past in motor drilling cone bit advantage.

Currently, PDC drill bits are marginalized every day in many formations drilling applications market away cone bit PDC drill bit body is mainly composed; The cutting teeth; nozzle; gage surface and connectors and other components; Figure 4.1 The bit body. different materials, corresponding drill bit into the carcass and steel body drill carcass drill bit body is the use of different size cast tungsten carbide powder and tungsten carbide powder and different proportions of impregnated metal mount designed by mold No pressure impregnated high temperature sintering. steel body drill bit body is made of alloy steel blank by mechanical processing. drill sintering or processing is completed, the cutting teeth welded on top, into the nozzle, and then welded together with joint Become a drill.