Vientiane supply of high quality cone reaming, drilling equipment

Vientiane supply of high quality cone reaming, drilling equipment

Product description:

Model: Complete Drilling diameter: Standard (mm) Brand: Vientiane
Custom processing: Dimensions: Standard (mm)

Hejian City, Vientiane Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading oilfield; mine; wells and other industrial and agricultural construction mining accessories provide professional services companies; business scope includes cone bit (Jianghan; Chuan Shi; Li Lin; Mihara), Tricone tipped drill bit; tricone steel tooth bit; cone palm sheet; large diameter drill assembly; air drill; reverse circulation drill; drill wells; oil drill; assembly drill; PDC drill bits; rock reamer; PDC PDC drill bit; Three-wing concave; scraper

The main production and management (Jianghan; Jiangxi dragon; Sichuan-stone; Tianjin Li Lin; Hebei cutting-edge; Shanghai production; Shandong Province, etc.) domestic drill production plants (76mm-660mm) a variety of steel teeth tipped tricone bit, single cone bit, composite sheet PDC bits, core bits, large diameter drill assembly (Baoji in Shaanxi, Jiangsu Taixing), and other manufacturers of various types of drill pipe elevator;. tubing elevators; casing Elevators; including 18 and 90 degrees in the side door elevators, elevator and other Tau. (arm, arms) rings, safety slips, various connectors, mud pump, drill pipe, drill collars and other commonly used drilling tool accessories, while the supply of renewable cast WC. (domestic and imported) PDC.

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