Semiautomatic Fuel Oil Supply Unit

Semiautomatic Fuel Oil Supply Unit

Product description:

The fuel oil supply and booster module is used for fuel oil system including land power station and marine main engine, auxiliary engine burning high-viscosity heavy fuel oil.
The fuel oil supply and booster module is pressure-style fuel oil supply system. It has high thermal efficiency, compact structure, beautiful appearance, and cutting down the shipbuilding period. The module is provided with semiautomatic back-flushing of filter, automatic viscosity control, automatic pump alternative, automatic exhaust, PLC auto/ hand control, automatic error alarm, and so on function. It is the economic perfect equipment for marine fuel oil supply system.

Principle Description
The semiautomatic fuel oil supply unit is composed of oil supply pumps, circulating pumps, flowmeter, mixing tank, primary fuel filter, semiautomatic cleaning filter, fuel oil heater, fuel oil viscosity control system, PLC electric controller, instruments, valves, attachments, and so on.
The heavy fuel oil was heated to more than 80℃ in the daily oil tank and that enter the inlet of fuel oil supply unit, by primary fuel filter, fuel oil is supplied to mixing tank by supply pumps, by mixture with main engine return oil circulating pump have increased the pressure, then to the heater to reduce the viscosity, semiautomatic cleaning filter finish filtering, the heavy fuel oil heating temperature is controlled by viscosity control system, then the fuel oil fitting for main engine enter the main engine.

Main Technical Parameters

System Drawing for HFO Supply and Booster Module

Ordering instructions
The parameters should be supplied to our company as a reference for selecting the products.
1. The main and auxiliary engine continue total power, specific fuel oil consumption, fuel oil type.
2. Fuel oil heating form, heated agent pressure and temperature.
3. Power supply.

Our company can design and manufacture according to user's special demands, for example: electric-heating temperature control type fuel oil supply unit, steam-heating temperature control type fuel oil supply unit.