Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Product description:

The sewage treatment plant is applicable to treat the sewage from the onboard ship toilets to meet MEPC159 (55) international standards of discharge.
The Sequencing Batch Reactor and microfiltration membrane is used to digest organic pollutant There are two types:.. Integral type and combined type The plant has small size and fast installation.

Principle Description
The Sequencing Batch Reactor, microfiltration membrane and ultra-violet disinfection have combined to method is uses to treat the sewage from the onboard ship W. C, kitchen and bathroom. Water quality after treated can meet the discharge standard of MEPC159 (55). This is more effective than biological method, strong capability of resisting impact, and stable outlet quality, the structure is compact, without second pollution.

Discharge Water Quality
M.P.N: ≤ 100个/ 100Ml
TSS: ≤ 35 mg / L
BOD5: ≤25mg / L
COD: ≤125mg / L
PH: 6 ~ 8.5

Main Technical Parameters

System Principle Drawing