Sewage Holding Tank

Sewage Holding Tank

Product description:

The sewage holding tank is used to store raw sewage or sludge disposed by the sewage treatment plant on various kinds of ship. The holding tank can also be the transfer tank with the sewage treatment. The holding tank has the function of residue crushing, cabinet washing and discharging the treated sludge overboard.
The sewage holding tank has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation. And its processing quality conforms to the IMO disintegrator and sludge-collected tank requirements.
Principle Description
The sewage holding tank is used to store raw sewage or remaining solid sludge disposed by the treatment plant. It stores raw sewage, when the sewage reaches to specified level, the cutting pump is started to convert solid sludge into small particle sludge by circulating repeatedly. Then turned the valve, the sludge can be transported to the receiving devices on the shore through pipe or it can be discharge overboard when the ship navigates at the non-restricted areas. The holdingh tank has cutting pump low-level-stop and high- level-alarm installation.

Main Technical Parameters
Quality Of Effluent
Colin≯1000 a / 100ml, suspended solid shall not be found.
Discharge Pressure: 0.1MPa
Max. Power
WCR-0.3 ~ 4 1.1kw; WCR-5 ~ 20 1.5kw.

Structure Drawing

Outline Dimension

Outer Connected Dimension