3800 mA lithium battery / fluorescent board dedicated battery / mobile battery / rechargeable battery

3800 mA lithium battery / fluorescent board dedicated battery / mobile battery / rechargeable battery

Product description:

Standard voltage: 12V (V) model: SC3800
Application type: Fluorescent plate Brand: SUOCAI cable color
certified product: MSDS Custom processing: It is
Rated Capacity: 3800 (mah)

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Fluorescent plate special rechargeable battery

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Technical Parameters:

Model HBJ12380

Size 90 * 58 * 26MM

Weight 190g (single battery) 300g (package)

Batteries Type High-capacity polymer lithium-ion batteries
Input voltage 12.6V

Input current 350MA (standard) / 1000MA

Output voltage 12.6V-10.8V

Output current 1-2A (need more current can be customized)

Capacity 3800MA

Product life cycle on the charge and discharge 500 times

Input 110-220V charger

Charger output 12.6V 350MA (standard) / 1000MA

To Line Interface Specification 5.5 * 2.1MM

Product List:

Battery: a charger: a switch wiring: a

(Battery charging method)
First power charger; red light; open the battery case switch to 'ON' place; when the battery indicator light; battery charger output termination box 'DC IN / OUT' place; green light indicates Charging begins (eg connected to the battery charger output at full power is not bright green); As the charging circuit design using slow charge (fast charge have an impact on battery life), the charging time is generally more than 8 hours; until charging green light goes off on the device battery is fully charged.

(Battery-powered electric methods)
Battery-powered power cord (DC5.5 * 2.1-headed line) connected to the battery box 'DC IN / OUT' at the open switch to 'ON' at the other on a variety of devices need electrical terminations, open switch to; the inside of the battery box with overload overvoltage short circuit protection;.. When the battery is not the time, the internal circuitry will automatically cut off power supply, resulting in no voltage output, then just redo the first step will be able to restore power output charge