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Hot Toys steel LED fluorescent board VK8060 colorful billboards | writing board / fluorescence plate prices

Hot Toys steel LED fluorescent board VK8060 colorful billboards | writing board / fluorescence plate prices
  • Hot Toys steel LED fluorescent board VK8060 colorful billboards | writing board / fluorescence plate prices
Product code: 19813600001
Unit price: 105-110 CNY
Reference price: 15.27-16 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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model: VK8060 Display color: Full Color
Brand: Cable color species: LED billboard
brightness: Super bright Custom processing: It is

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Fluorescent board features

1. electronic light boards, eye-catching to attract;
2. You can use any fluorescent pen, luminous graphic design;
3. legible, can be painted any image, easy to clean;
The optical plate may contact light 100,000 hours.
Fluorescence plate handwriting function: You can be creative; many entertainment industry in order to better reflect their own style; more use of this new form of publicity handwriting; handwritten form of diversification; reflected in a casual chic; deliberately create a different atmosphere

Fluorescence plate Erasable: Most of the current advertising signs is disposable, this product has the function can be used repeatedly for a variety of needs often change the content of the notices, signs.

Fluorescent plate fluorescent effect: Many have fluorescent effect are light boxes, and content to achieve brilliant colors, more aid needed to support all kinds of lighting, expensive, and traditional whiteboard or blackboard ads to nighttime lighting effects even marked very general And the goods through plate light, fluorescent pen to make the font issue bright luster, particularly easy to attract consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of the sale.

Product Applications

LED handwriting fluorescence plate Applications: applicable to any place shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, bars, hair salons, restaurants, bookstores, schools, railway stations, night markets, indoor exhibition, window display, leisure venues, applicability to catch strong in Shanghai. , Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities, electronic fluorescent tablet has become the new dominant forms of advertising, especially in low-light and night show occasions, can cause immediate attention of passers and the passers-by attracted to your shop to. From Make your shop crowds, plenty of money.

Product Usage
Handwriting billboards use:
1. Plug the power adapter plug into the power supply on the fluorescent plate and the other end of the power adapter into the socket in power:. 12V / 1.5A
2. Write the word on the panel or painting;
3. Now click on the edge of a fluorescent plate touch switch, the word will change the fluorescent plate, and every time there is a change in press, transferred to their own preferred mode there is good;
4. placed to the right place to get started, you can present you with a colorful advertising effectiveness.
Product advantages
Electronic fluorescent board Advantages:
1. Look beautiful: the use of high-grade aluminum alloy frame, electronic-grade optical glass panel has a reflective, anti-scratch, never fade, and other proprietary features of the product thickness of 1.4cm, thickness of 1.5mm, suitable for all sizes. display rack display, or directly on the wall, nice, does not occupy space.
2. Light Source Long life: using the most advanced within the current industry imported super bright LED5050 light source; long light life; to ensure that under normal circumstances, more than 100,000 hours of light;
3. The electronic guide light panel: the light guide rate of over 99%, higher brightness, sharper, seismic resistance, planning, long-term deformation, can be repeated scrubbing.
4. Super environmental protection, energy: power consumption of about 500 hours of continuous light only once, normally used only in the second half of electricity;
5. A variety of switch: remote control switch; manual switch; double insurance; multiple mode circuit boards; multi-mode digital remote control
6. A variety of modes: dedicated highlighter writing, new colors and bright, free writing and drawing, simple, beautifying effect of strong, free remote control 36 kinds of colorful patterns and a variety of monochrome mode, flash frequency ** adjustment can truly reflect the nature of the design requirements, but also has the effect of advertising.
Writable: with special highlighter on the panel arbitrarily luminous graphic design, which reflects the distinctive style of the current number of industries in order to better reflect their own style, more use of publicity handwriting, handwritten forms, free of. embodies chic;
Erasable: Most of the current posters, advertising signs and other one-time, you can not change the defect, the product having a clean, repeatedly written, multiple use and other functions, is particularly suitable for a variety of needs often change the content of the posters, advertising panels and signs and so on.
Eye-catching fluorescent effect: electricity, light transmission through the plate, it can make use of special fluorescent pen to write graphic glow brilliant luster, particularly easy to attract consumers and generate good advertising effect.
Good light conductivity: imported optical grade light guide panel; excellent light guide effect; the highest rate of up to 99% of the light guide; the writing clear and beautiful graphics out; at the same time; the board easy to scratch; no radiation;
High quality background light source: low power consumption; low light decline LED light source of high quality; continuous light up to 50,000 hours; while consuming only a few watts (cable color products for the 500 hours of electricity, more than 85 energy-saving neon %);
Light blinking pattern varied: microcomputer SCM control lights transform dimming mode; control accurate and sensitive; the product has the dual function of flashing lights and straight; flashing mode (ie flasher) controlled by a contact switch, each press corresponds to a flashing mode .
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Product value
Mainly engaged in business with its marketing, product content presentation, interesting content, outlined a variety of patterns, so that customers remember, enhance memory, and can play immediately deal effect! Is a fluorescent plate price quality lies. Particularly easy to attract consumers content patterns can change at any time, with energy saving, environmental protection, light evenly, use a long time, etc., is the ideal tool for supermarkets, hotels, railway stations, bars and other public places propaganda. This product through the transparent plate, the use of specially developed fluorescent pen, you can make the font issue bright luster, giving a fresh feel, can attract customers to the eye.