Hot / Boutique steel colorful tablet | E-luminescent panel | POP drawing board / fluorescence plate prices

Hot / Boutique steel colorful tablet | E-luminescent panel | POP drawing board / fluorescence plate prices

Product description:

model: VDK7050 Display color: Full Color
Brand: Cable color species: LED billboard
brightness: Super bright Custom processing: It is

SUOCAI / Standard cable color LED fluorescent board table



Actual size

70 * 50CM

Viewable Size

66 * 46CM


10 / box

thickness 1.2CM (Optional other thickness)


Glass Boutique


Luxury Aluminum Hard

Border Color

Black matte (Optional silver, gold)

light source

Colorful double highlighted the long sides imports LED5050

Mode effect

48 kinds of selection variable light

control method

Remote control and manual control

Whether with a hook

It is

packing list

A fluorescent plate

A high-quality power adapter

USB external controller is a

A 24-key remote control

Manual / warranty card

Product Warranty

A year

Operating parameters

Input voltage: AC110-240V

Input Current: DC12V-1500mA

Power: 6W

Normal working environment: Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, humidity (90% RH

Comprehensive description

1. Electronic light, eye-catching to attract, high-tech fashion.

2. You can use any highlighter, writing Ambilight graphic.

3. Graphic clarity, erase easily, durable.

4. Can be wall hanging tripod can support, etc., vertical.

5. Super translucent panels, no distortion, brighter and more wearable.

6. controllable flashing, a variety of visual impact. Impressive.

7. The thin plate body, ultra-narrow bezel to enhance the store image.

8. Green, super energy saving, low power consumption is only 1 500 hours of electricity.

9. excellent promotional display effect, passing the dazzling dynamic business information.

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