6MM Domestic fluorescence plate special highlighter | Advertising pen | Gel Ink | Environmental pen

6MM Domestic fluorescence plate special highlighter | Advertising pen | Gel Ink | Environmental pen

Product description:

Packing: carton Whether headed: No Whether erasable: Yes
Refill color: yellow; pink; orange; green; blue; purple; red; white Shell Material: Plastic Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotions; business gifts; festival; housewarming; birthday; wedding; memorial awards; fairs; anniversary celebration; opening ceremony; employee benefits; public relations planning Model: SC5040
Brand: SUOCAI cable color Written shape: oblique head, round Trading properties: Inventory

Demonstrated strength and deliver value. Cable color LED fluorescent board advertising cutting-edge, brilliant!

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Product details:

Name: LED Fluorescent plate special highlighter

Model: SC-5040

Tip: 6mm

Color: red; yellow; orange; pink; blue; green; purple; white

Packaging: 8 / box

Features: LED Fluorescent plate special highlighter, imported high brightness fluorescent ink, there are eight colors of conventional, non-toxic, tasteless, high brightness, easy to clean in low light especially at night with the use of LED fluorescent plate - let your POP text. pictures and other abnormal color bright brilliant advertising content, immediately attractive to the eye, attract attention, stimulate consumer desire!

Writing Methods: highlighter pen vertical jiggle initial use shake ink inside the pen, take off the pen cap squeeze down a few seconds until the ink flow to the nib, you can paint writing pen cap tightly after use and horizontally. writing process, preferably in the case of the light-emitting be energized, wear gloves or keep your hands do not touch the panel, avoid sticky hands sweat grease fingerprints left on the panel affect the results, uniform writing. (written ink did cause the ink is not smooth; you can pull out the tip; rinse with water after use to dry plug again)

Wipe method: a small area of ​​modification, such as wiping out one word, by drying or paper towel to wipe, wiping more handwriting drying wipe a large area with a cloth slightly moistened with water to wipe the panel again with a dry cloth or. paper towel to wipe the panel clean regularly. a wipe clean, can be repeated many times.