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Ordinary bracket, simple stand, tripod fluorescent plate special / fluorescence plate Chin

Ordinary bracket, simple stand, tripod fluorescent plate special / fluorescence plate Chin
  • Ordinary bracket, simple stand, tripod fluorescent plate special / fluorescence plate Chin
Product code: 19805300001
Unit price: 19.5-20 CNY
Reference price: 2.84-2.91 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Colour: Black Custom processing: Material: Metal
Type: Tripod Weight: 1 (kg) Model: SC100
Process: metal stamping Specifications: 160x130CM black Brand: SUOCAI cable color
Purpose: support Screen size: 80 (cm)

The product design is simple and convenient, reasonable structure, beautiful, flexible regulation, the use of stable, portability and other characteristics. Adopt universal rubber tip, with multi-directional arbitrary positioning of characteristics, to ensure stability when any terrain creation, non-skid intermediate telescopic rod for you to solve different types of products height and width of three feet maximum angle, fixed to the product increase and prolong the life of the product! canvas bag at the same time designed to meet the requirements of human nature, there are strap design, easy to carry triangular fixed for lift easel, poster display, and can adapt to different display display space, are widely used in store advertising plate bracket, Sketchpad stents.

Shrink size: 52CM

  • Stretch size: 165CM
  • Can be put Sketchpad height: 83CM
  • Section Number: 3
  • Bearing: 8KG
  • Diameter: 21.8 * 19.8CM
  • Weight: 1KG
  • In order to facilitate the use of pro; Our specialized filmed bracket installation and use; this link you can link directly to our technical area; we can also learn more about our company through this link: http: //www.suocaikeji.com / html / scsp_1432_916. html

    Cable color Simple installation diagram tripod structure

    First, the structure of the whole map

    Second, all of the components

    After tripod out, please note a complete easel products should contain the following three components

    Third, the installation method

    1, all of the six legs buckle broke, then the middle of the forefoot and rear foot, pull down the lower section, and then pull the right height to six feet all buckle fastened, so the height is fixed.

    2, both ends of the crossbar with a gourd holes were hanging on hooks, pay attention to the time as possible at both ends hanging centered symmetry, so as to maintain a balance. After caught with a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws.

    3; the buckle broke in; then pulled up the vertical bar; (when you can put a fluorescent plate buckle) after pulling the right height, and then the buttoned tight, so it can be fixed vertical bar of.

    4. The top buckle broke, then you can adjust the front and rear push the top folder, which can adapt to different thickness of the phosphor plate. Adjusted to the appropriate position and then fastened the top button.

    5, a fluorescent plate on top of the crossbar; then trim the top buckle fastened fluorescent plate; then strap on the bypass rear crossbar; strap on the atherectomy paste stick tight That installation was successful