Latest listing W1053 Dual Panel / Super practical fluorescent plate series

Latest listing W1053 Dual Panel / Super practical fluorescent plate series

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model: W1053AB Display color: Full Color
Brand: Cable color species: LED billboard
brightness: Super bright Custom processing: It is

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led fluorescent plate Application: Indoor Show: Bar, DISCO and other entertainment venues, hotels, cafes, restaurants, flower shop, cafe, inn, supermarkets, shopping malls, office, dining, entertainment industry information advertising display, decorative lighting serve as art and other decorations.

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With the change with the writing: creativity into full play, handwritten forms, reflected in a casual chic, deliberately create a different atmosphere.
Repeated use: This product has a function can be used repeatedly; when replacing the graphic advertising content can be re-written to wipe the surface of the surface light source using a fluorescent display was better optical light guide panel; with colored fluorescent pen directly on the guide write freely on the light panel and screen display can be performed simultaneously; writing clear; vivid images; can freely change the picture; the board can show brilliant neon color effect after power; energy saving; environmental protection; luminous symmetry; long use time, etc. ;

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