Acrylic IH830

Acrylic IH830

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Acrylic IH830

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South Korea's LG acrylic PMMA IH830 IH830 heat resistance, mechanical strength and surface hardness of the strongest

PMMA South Korea LG IH830C type color-coded : IH830C transparent color; IH830C-CP4006 ( red ); IH830C-CP2001 ( yellow ) ;

PMMA Mitsubishi MF001 general level with excellent mobility, for large or thin moldings

Mitsubishi VRM40 impact PMMA grade with excellent impact resistance and high liquidity

PMMA Japan Kuraray GF1000 General Purpose High Flow

PMMA Japan Kuraray HR1000L general level of heat resistance, extrusion

Mitsubishi TF8 grade PMMA light guide plate for small; thin light guide plate VH5 for large; thick light guide plate