Light diffusion PC US GE LUX9612

Light diffusion PC US GE LUX9612

Product description:

Light diffusion PC US GE LUX9612 Milky white light diffusion PC PC guardrail

A professional light diffusion PC vendors
Supply a full range of light diffusion PC follows:
(1) Light diffusion PC US GE LUX9612; LUX9616; FXD121R; FXD171R

(2) light diffusion PC Teijin ML-1103; ML-1105; ML-2203; ML-3110ZHP; ML-3210ZHP; ML-4120ZHP; ML-5206ZLP

(3) do LED fluorescent light diffusion PC Mitsubishi DS-3002R 7011A; DS-3002R 7021A; DS-3002R 7011A; DS-3002R 7021A; DS-3002R 7031A; DS-3002R 7041A; DS-3002R 7051A; DS-3105VUR
Light-diffusing plastic Application:
LED bulb, LED lamp, LED digital tube, LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED ceiling light diffuser plate, car lampshades.
Divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade, blow molding grade, film grade, matte grade.
Product Principle:
The product is a light transmittance of 60% to 85%, ordinary PC creamy white board only 20%; by diffusion diffusion plate, the entire plate surface to form a uniform light emitting surface without the formation of dark areas on the screen is not formed afterimages, make the picture more realistic to achieve visual effects Quintana crystal clear.
Product Features:
Appearance: milky white translucent panels, translucent crystal points less high finish, good flatness superior impact resistance: 250 times the strength of the glass generally, tempered glass is more than 150 times, 30 times higher than the acrylic sheet. So in the event of accidents is not broken when better protect your property and life safety construction performance:.. PC density is 1.2, weighs only 1/2 of the glass, so the lighter to facilitate construction and reduce costs. UV prevent: This product is made from 100% imported anti-UV new material system board, not only can prevent UV damage to the interior of products, but also effectively extend the life of PC sheet of flame retardant rating of UL-94:. V-0 ~ V-2, excellent fire performance and combustion does not produce toxic gases Weather resistance: The product can be adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃.
Injection temperature:
Common mold temperature of 80-100 ℃. Available air injection method to determine the level of processing temperature. Usually PC plastic processing temperature is 270-320 ℃, some modified or low molecular weight PC plastic materials 230-270 ℃.
These products are provided free of charge:
1. Material Safety Data (MSDS) 2. integrity of the table 3. The processing conditions
4. UL standard 5. Environmental protection certificate (RoHS) 6. Material factory proof (COA)

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