Steel Furniture

Steel Furniture

Product description:

Zhengzhou treasure steel furniture co., LTD. Is a concentrated, focused, professional engaged in steel furniture research, development, production, sales of decades of professional company, is a steel, steel-wood combination of furniture industry experts.

Steel furniture like treasure with advanced production technology; Production; Product has the following characteristics: 1. Wooden appearance, connotation of steel, not changeful form, solid and durable; 2. Environmental protection; 3. Insects; 4. The rat; 4. Moistureproof, mouldproof); 5. The dust (anti mite); 6. The anti-corrosion; 7. No metal directly impact noise; 8. The fire; 9. Any combination of features, style variety; 10. Electronics production disinfection furniture and moistureproof furniture furniture division.

Process description:. 1. The cabinet put oneself in another's position to choose high quality cold-rolled steel sheet, through large-scale mold stamping and welding and other technology processing molding non-trace 2. The surface of the cabinet put oneself in another's position after degreasing, pickling, phosphating, table, washing and so on nine location before the automatic spray processing, increase the coating adhesion, ensure rust do not return, do not fall off. 3. The environmental protection plastic powder coating selection of quality , the high voltage electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, make sure do not fade, knock against resistant, durable. 4. The product color variety, black walnut, white cherry and other vacuum transfer wood grain color and cream-colored, magnetic and other high-grade pure white color. 5. Products of green environmental protection, do not contain formaldehyde, benzene, etc. Any harmful gas and material, humanized design, suitable for high-grade office space and home, is the best alternative wood furniture products . 6. The product contour artistic, structure reasonable, fusion features within the cylindrical side east, high-grade board type wooden furniture, arc, line is fluent, concise and easy, strong and durable. 7. With high-grade zinc alloy handles and two silent ball slide rail, door, and the integration of a bucket with magnetic sealing strip, make products to seal better, more quiet. 8. The base is stainless steel, make the product more on a class. 9. Multipurpose units, can according to need to combination of installation on site.

Plastic furniture series products are: steel, stainless steel furniture series, furniture series, disinfection moistureproof furniture series, steel-wood furniture series, electronic lock, furniture series, steel combination furniture series as a whole.

Filing cabinets; Locker; Shoe; Tool cabinet; Data; Filing cabinet; Proof cabinets; Ark of reproduction; Bookcase; Instrument cabinet; Ark electronic password; A steel desk; Shelves; Electric safety cabinet; Shelf; Magazine rack; Steel integral chest; Dense frame

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