Moistureproof Furniture

Moistureproof Furniture

Product description:

Moistureproof furniture introduction:

Electronic moistureproof furniture of our company adopts the most advanced civilian dehumidifier cryogenic cooling dehumidifying semiconductor chip technology production, the technology is through the semiconductor cooling device will be inside the cabinet put oneself in another's position of water vapor absorption forming a liquid discharge, and the principle of natural evaporation into the air outside the cabinet put oneself in another's position.

Product features:

Movement by microcomputer control technology, the humidity sensitive reaction, precision is more high, belong to the intelligent detection and control system, can automatically detect moisture contained in the change, change in humidity box, on the basis of intelligent adjustment dehumidifying time, make the equipment running more stable and energy saving. For example: suppose you have it set at 40% RH, equipment over a period of time after the operation, the humidity will control near the set point, when the humidity to set data contained in, automatically enters the degree of temperature and humidity condition, only when the humidity inside the box body from the set value deviation at + 3% RH. System will work again, automatically open the dehumidifier command, stay down to 40% and automatic shutdown, temperature and humidity accurately.

1, this machine core temperature and humidity acquisition using humidity sensor has high precision; fast response speed; ensure the acquisition accuracy; small amount of data lag and ensure data accuracy; and in directly to the LCD display; more intuitive; and there is no error;

2, electronic moistureproof furniture, to operate to adopt the button type humanized control panel is simple and easy. By 20-90% humidity can be set by freedom of your own needs, tailored for your love substance conditions of humidity, provide a more reliable and safe moisture environment.

3, dehumidification machine core is exquisite, the separation design, do not take up space in the box. USES the DC low voltage (DC 5 v) , save electricity costs are lower, there is no leakage of dangerous security issue, there is no potential risk of fire.

4, no compressor, no fan, no thermal effect, more energy saving, efficient mute dehumidification, no noise, no chemicals, no environmental problems.

5, the traditional iron load layer board, long-term storage bearing quality, solve the problem of plastic and plastic is not resistant to heavy, more strong and durable. Free lift slide tray design, convenient access to safe, high spatial arbitrary configuration.

6, cabinet put oneself in another's position structure: cabinet put oneself in another's position is made of high qualified steel plate, cold steel cabinet body structure, load deformation, cupboard door of magnetic seals, get better sealing performance, the base is stainless steel, anticorrosive performance is better.

7, surface adopts the whole powder painting process (also called plastic spraying) (the paint process takes pre except oil; degreasing; washing; cleaning; washing; phosphating; washing; water washing; surface adjustment; water washing; drying; electrostatic spraying; painting process such as composition; absolutely not ordinary paint) , don't paint, rust has advantages of good corrosion resistance, long using time.

8, cupboard door glass adopts full toughened glass; wide perspective plane; stereo sense is strong; safe and reliable; glass installation USES the strip form; solid; strong sealing; guarantee the sealing is the most basic moisture-proof box of box body is required) moistureproof and dustproof.

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