Poultry hair removal machine

Poultry hair removal machine

Product description:

Structural features

Geese and other large-scale assembly line slaughter poultry ;; The equipment is mainly used for chicken; duck bodies are all made ​​of stainless steel

Work box smooth transmission, flexible and convenient adjustment

Lift mechanism adjustment flexibility, reliable self-locking position

Lightweight and flexible casing opening and closing mechanism; reset automatically; the ease of maintenance cleaning

Guide mechanism enabling the birds body smoothly into the body, and the relative positioning

Flushing mechanism rushed off at any feathers

Technical Parameters

Model : TQC70

Production capacity: 7,000 / hour

Power : 2.2kw-6

Number of motors: 4

Epilation plate number : 48

Glue stick per plate number : 12

Dimensions (L * W * H ): 3800 * 2350 * 2600mm