Waterborne Wood Coatings resin MJ-006

Waterborne Wood Coatings resin MJ-006

Product description:

MJ-006 Waterborne Wood Coatings resin

MJ-006 is an aliphatic waterborne self-crosslinking PU resin, emulsion resistance, chemical stability, good high-speed mechanical stability, strong bonding, film is clear and transparent, film gives high resilience after finishing, waterproof and strong, hard abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, washable, anti-yellowing, but has excellent cold and heat resistance, while it has a non-toxic and environmentally friendly features .
The main ingredient
Anionic aliphatic polyurethane dispersion

Product Properties
Appearance: milky white emulsion
Solid content: 30%
PH: 7.0-9.0
Film hardness : 1-2H

Shelf life:
12 months ( between 5-35 ℃; avoid freezing; illumination )
Product Features
1; filming smooth; high film volume; high gloss
2; water; good solvent resistance
3; excellent weather resistance; yellowing resistance
Suggested Use:
Suitable for water-based Wood