The aqueous polyurethane thickener DT-105

The aqueous polyurethane thickener DT-105

Product description:

DT-105 waterborne polyurethane thickeners
DT-105 is a modified polyurethane thickeners; is a kind of trend perfect synergy aqueous non-ionic rheology modifier; low VOC; low odor; excellent high; medium; low shear viscosity distribution; either the inherent water resistance of the film; color development and other properties; or open cans outside the system; leveling and other properties; have a very excellent performance; water-based paint is perfect matching products

Typical parameters
Colorless liquid
The main components of a polyurethane compound
Ion attribute non-ionic
Category HEUR class
50% solids
PH 7.0 ± 0.1
The proportion of 1.04 ± 0.01Kg / L
Viscosity ≤5000-8000CPS / 25 ℃
Solvent water

Low VOC, low odor DT-105 is a solvent-free polyurethane compound, by a certain percentage after mixing evenly, can be directly used in aqueous coating systems.
Improve cans effect: to improve the effect of open cans DT-105 is the most characteristic of outstanding performance; the film without affecting leveling; film thickness, etc., based on DT-105 can be given a very beautiful tank coating system liquidity : Even in easy to produce 'fake plastic' effect of vinegar C system, DT-105 can also impart good vinegar C system liquidity.
Excellent construction performance: DT-105 in the high-shear viscosity (ICI viscosity) has a very excellent performance, the film after construction has excellent flow, leveling, film rich, evenly.
: The water resistance of the coating, gloss and color development without adverse effects.
: Anti-microbial decomposition: DT-105 对 poor response to microbial mold Yin class, the vast majority of microorganisms can Du viscosity influence, to ensure system stability.

For aqueous architectural coatings, water-based Wood, water-based cutting oil, water-based ink systems.
In fine-grained pro-oil emulsions can be used as the primary thickener, thickening effect better, more responsive.
In ordinary acrylic, styrene or vinegar C system, it can be used as co-thickener use, reduce material costs, improve system overall performance.

user's guidance
Dosage: 0.1-1.0%.
Add manner: 1: 1 or 1: 3 watered Stir beating in paint production stage or paints phase slowly added.
Product support: with cellulose-based, alkali-swellable associative class and thickeners have good compatibility.

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