Aqueous dispersion DT-503

Aqueous dispersion DT-503

Product description:

DT-503 aqueous dispersion

DT-503 is a poly -carboxylic acid sodium efficient pigment dispersant having excellent dispersibility in water-based paint manufacturing process .
Typical properties
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
The proportion of 1.23 ± 0.01
45 ± 1% active ingredient
PH 7.0-9.0
Viscosity of less than 150cps
Anionic ion state

Dispersion and dispersion stability high efficiency .
Low foam production rate .
Paint systems made โ€‹โ€‹of stable viscosity .

Flat to bright paint, water paste printing, water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives.
DT-503 should be added in the coating dispersion phase, it recommended dosage 0.2-0.7 % amount of pigment (solid / solid).

Packaging and storage
25 kg plastic package.
Non-dangerous goods transport.
Storage temperature should be maintained above 5 โ„ƒ, and placed in a dry place sealed, valid for one year .