TI absorbing agent

TI absorbing agent

Product description:

T I suction stabilizer

Chemical composition:

Polyfunctional esters
product description:

TI has a special chemical structural formula, it can effectively absorb the resin in a solvent or water, to prevent moisture and polyisocyanate resin chemical reaction NCO groups, and react with water after the chemicals on the film-forming material of any side effects.
Technical Information:

Properties Value Unit

Specific Gravity (25 ℃) of about 1.29 g / cm3

Color phase (AHPH) ≤ 1 _

Active ingredients ≥99%

1, TI diluted PU curing agent is added, the solvent can be avoided due to swelling caused by water buckets, viscosity, film performance degradation and other phenomena, mainly for PU automobile paint, motorcycle plastic paint, sealants, etc.

2, TI can be used in the moist -curing polyurethane floor paint.
user's guidance:

Recommended dosage is 0.6%, may also be used according to the water content of the solvent added .

20 kg drum

180 kg drum

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