Aqueous leveling thickener DT-108

Aqueous leveling thickener DT-108

Product description:

DT-108 water-based leveling thickener
DT-108 as an alkali-swellable anionic acrylic thickener Concord.
Typical physical properties
Appearance milky white liquid
Solid content) 29
Viscosity (Brookfield 60rpm) (50cps
PH value 2-3
Density of 1.6g / cm3
Expansion of value, wet 0.1134
Chemical properties of HASE
Solvent water
1, the highest light within plain exterior paint and design, with excellent flow, leveling and splash resistance.
2, the interior wall paint cellulose thickener low cost / high performance alternative.
3, has a good formulation adaptability.
4, has a good anti-microbial resistance.
1, adjusting the PH value of the coating to reach 9-9.5.
2, the DT-108 was diluted with water, and water in the ratio of 1: 1.
3, at low speed stirring, slowly added diluted DT-108.
4, while stirring observed change in viscosity of the coating, the required viscosity, stop adding a thickening agent.

Thickening interior and exterior architectural coatings, cutting fluids, coating fabric glue, paint printing paste, such as pressure-sensitive emulsion.

160kg / plastic barrel, 25kg / plastic barrel.

Storage requirements: should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, to prevent direct sunlight, transport and storage of more than 5 ℃, valid for one year.