Water- resistant to acid thickener HK-315

Water- resistant to acid thickener HK-315

Product description:

Water- resistant to acid thickener HK-315

I. Product Overview :

HK-315 water-soluble polymer is a polymer thickener, is a strong acid system thickened in a thickener for this thickener can not only achieve the thickening effect of aqueous systems, but also with the flow gentle increase in viscosity effect, high thickening efficiency, is the kind of market -specific thickener to thicken the product can fit in under any pH .

Second, the product physical properties :

Appearance Milky white viscous liquid
Chemical composition of high molecular weight water soluble polymer
Active ingredient 50%
Anionic charge characteristics
Product viscosity (3500cps
Proportion to 1

Third, the use
The amount of high-shear viscosity efficiency and use of this product in a simple linear proportional relationship, according to the customer's usage to determine the formulation, the recommended dosage of 0.5% to 2.0%. Customers can also according to the production, storage, construction and film different requirements on other types of thickeners used in conjunction to achieve the formulation of rheological performance requirements.

Fourth, packaging and storage
Packing: 25kg plastic buckets and 200 kg plastic-lined metal pail