Polyurethane rheological agent RM-2020

Polyurethane rheological agent RM-2020

Product description:

Polyurethane rheological agent RM-2020

Physical and chemical properties of the product following data should not be regarded as specifications Item
Physical and chemical properties
Chemical type of nonionic associative
Appearance slightly turbid milky white or translucent liquid
Active Ingredients 20%
Solvent water
Density of 1.04g / cm3 (25 ℃)
Viscosity ≤3000mPa? S (25 ℃)

Main Features RM-2020 water-based latex paint used in:
Excellent performance: a good brush handle, excellent resistance roller spatter resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, scrub resistance and stain resistance and anti-water performance as excellent paint appearance: excellent flow, leveling properties and cover effect, uniform film thickness and film fullness, does not affect the gloss characteristics of the coating of good environmental quality: free of organic solvents, heavy metals free of organic and inorganic tin harmful ingredients, non-toxic and tasteless , safe, water-based latex paint without increasing the content of volatile organic compounds.

Simply add way: low viscosity liquid product, can be easily added at any stage of paint production does not require any dilution before use, no base neutralization, leveling and thickening performance can be realized in an instant wide pH range. : nonionic associative thickeners fit, its performance largely unaffected by the effect of pH, it can be used in a wide pH range.

Reliable biological stability:
Anti-microbial and enzymatic degradation.

Instruction manual
The amount of product in a high shear viscosity efficiency with the use of a simple linear proportional relationship, according to the customer's usage to determine the formulation, the recommended dosage of 0.5% -2.0%. Customers can also according to the production, storage, construction and film different requirements on other types of thickeners used in conjunction to achieve the formulation of rheological performance requirements.

Packaging and storage
25 kg and 200 kg plastic drums lined metal pail.