The aqueous polyurethane thickeners RM-8W

The aqueous polyurethane thickeners RM-8W

Product description:

RM-8W aqueous polyurethane thickeners

RM-8W polyurethanes, hydrophobic group modified nonionic associative thickeners fit. This product not only color thickening effect, and all kinds of paint thickening system has a flow and liquidity, widely used , adhesives and other water systems, especially in the external walls of various high-grade water-based architectural coatings, industrial water-based paint, water-based inks, water-based adhesives and petrochemical water treatment systems. In aqueous architectural and industrial paint design, This product, with its high thickening efficiency and provide good flow and leveling, excellent uniformity of film-forming properties, gloss demonstrate performance, widely used in the external walls from plain to high light formulation, particularly suitable for use Collaborative thickeners, from matte to light the coating formulation can achieve the ideal balance between the use of different viscosity shear rate shear viscosity provided with the product.

Physico-chemical properties:
Overview nonionic associative
Product appearance hazy liquid
PH 7.0 ± 1 (1% solution)
Active ingredient 20.5%
Viscosity ≤3000mpa.s (25 ℃)
Solvent BC / water
Density of 1.04g / cm? (25 ℃)

Application Benefits:
Excellent effect to open cans, thickening efficiency, excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, scrub resistance and stain resistance and corrosion resistance and outstanding performance into a water paint Appearance: Good flow, leveling properties and cover effect, uniform film thickness and film fullness, it does not affect the gloss characteristics of the coating film excellent environmental quality: free of organic solvents, heavy metals free of organic and inorganic tin harmful ingredients, non-toxic, odorless, safe, non- increase aqueous emulsion paint volatile organic content simple way to add: Low viscosity liquid products in the production of coatings can easily add, compatibility, and do not need to be diluted before use, no soda and a broad range of PH. : nonionic associative thickeners fit, its own performance impact largely unaffected by PH value, it can be used in a wide range of reliable biological stability PH: anti-microbial and enzymatic degradation.

Suggested Use:
The recommended dosage formulation of the total 0.2% to 1% Packaging: 25200Kg / plastic barrel

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