Aqueous scratch slip agents KG-80

Aqueous scratch slip agents KG-80

Product description:

Waterborne anti-scratch slip agents KG-80


KG-80 is a polymer -modified organic silicone solution polymerization of a special process .

Physical parameters:

Appearance colorless transparent liquid
The relative density of 0.990-1.020
Viscosity 500-1000CS
Active Ingredients 60%
Solvent water

Product Features:

This product is a polymer modified silicone trioxide dioxane solution with low surface tension and leveling effect, in an aqueous system can greatly improve the film hardness and fullness, improve the film surface abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and slip , excellent resin compatibility .

This product can be added at any stage of the production process, but also can be used later to add, the proposed addition of 0.2-1% ( by total dollars ) .


1, the water-based varnish
2, water-based plastic paint
3, water-based ink
4, water-based Wood
5, water-based metallic paint

Place a cool, dry place; dark sealed; 12 months at room temperature

25kg or 200kg / plastic barrel

This manual is for reference only and does not have any guarantee nature, its applicability test beforehand .