Efficient water-based leveling agent DT-608

Efficient water-based leveling agent DT-608

Product description:

Efficient water-based leveling agent DT-608

Physicochemical parameters :

Appearance colorless transparent liquid Stability Stable
The nature of the active ingredient polymer 100%
Viscosity 500-800CS refractive hand index 1.450-1.470

Brief Overview :

This product is a polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane, having a lower surface tension of the coating system, showing excellent leveling and distribution of, a certain degree of wetting of the substrate, while improving resistance to surface wear resistance, scratch resistance, anti-sticking and graced the effect only to paint a good leveling effect, no effect after thickening, it is pure leveling agent .


It applies to any water-based paint and plastic glue system.


Recommended addition 0.2-1 %.


Cool, dry, dark sealed, at room temperature for 12 months.

Security action:

Inedible to avoid eye contact

Packaging : 2550, 200Kg / barrel.

( PS: This manual is for reference only and does not have any guarantee properties, please test its applicability in advance. )