Water-releasing agent DT-123

Water-releasing agent DT-123

Product description:

Water-releasing agent DT-123
DT-123 is environmentally friendly non-ionic emulsion of organic wax and silicone oil is refined, with a variety of water-based materials have excellent chemical stability and compatibility, can be used with various types of finishes compatibility. DT-123 suitable for all kinds of leather finishing, textile printing and specialty coatings, after use, can make the product soft gloss product, feel full wetting, can significantly improve product surface abrasion resistance and prevent the return adhesive coating surface.
Appearance White milky liquid
Solid content 30 ± 1%
PH value of 6.5-7.5

Various leather surface treatment; coating agent; leather side of the oil
Textile Printing
Water-based paint
Special coatings
This product is non-ionic emulsion, can be resolved after the drying agent cation back sticky issues.
Dosage and usage
The amount depends on the type of coating products, specifically formulated recommendations about the use of about 1-5%, the product with a variety of aqueous systems there are compatibility, it is added directly to the application and then fully dispersed.

Packaging and Storage
50,125 kg / barrel

Store in a cool, well-ventilated place; to prevent prolonged sun exposure; effective storage period of 12 months; product is not dangerous; as a general cargo transport
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