And additives AMP-95

And additives AMP-95

Product description:

AMP-95 and additives

Particularly suitable for aqueous systems.
Improved performance of the thickener .
Avoid using ammonia, reducing ammonia odor paint, open cans good effect .
Effective control of the PH value, relatively wide PH buffer .
Reduces tank corrosion.
An appropriate amount of dispersion .
Excellent cost performance.

Aqueous emulsion : for example aqueous acrylic emulsion paint

The proposed addition of acid value calculated according to the desired product : PH of about 7, as follows :
If the product has been measured acid value : 20mgKOH / g, the amount of AMP-95 is added as follows:
Per g of the acid-containing product of 20 mmol / 56.11 = 0.00035644
The amount of AMP-95 per g of the desired product as : 0.00035644 * 36.5 / 330 = 0.03942mg
Actual use : the sample amount required per KG; PH meter with direct measurement of the number of subject; then amplified sample

It can be added directly or in the form of dilution is added

Solubility ratio of 1: 100
Water +
- Insoluble, + dissolved

Chemical composition
Consisting of hydroxyl-containing organic amines and amine groups .

Neutralization value : 330mgHCl / g min

25KG, 200KG
Stored airtight at room temperature, according to batch time until 12 months