The aqueous polyurethane leveling thickener DT-101

The aqueous polyurethane leveling thickener DT-101

Product description:

The aqueous polyurethane leveling thickener DT-101
Product Description:
DT-101 urethane-based, non-ionic hydrophobic group modified associative thickeners fit. This product not only color thickening effect, and a variety of water-based products which have a thickening system leveling and mobility, are widely used , adhesives and other water systems, especially the various aspects of water-based industrial coatings, water-based inks, water-based adhesives and petrochemical water treatment systems in the design of water-based products, the product by virtue of its high thickening efficiency, and provide a good flow and leveling, excellent uniformity of the film-forming properties, gloss demonstrate performance, widely used in water-based products from plain to high light formulation, particularly suitable for use as co-thickener, from matte to bright coating formulation the shear viscosity of the product and provided for use with the ideal balance can be achieved under different shear rates viscosity.

Physico-chemical properties:
Ion: nonionic associative
Appearance translucent liquid
PH 7.0 ± 1 (1% solution)
21% of the active ingredient
Viscosity ≤3000mpa.s (25 ℃)
Solvent BC / water
Density of 1.04g / cm? (25 ℃)

Application Benefits:
Excellent effect to open cans, thickening efficiency, excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, scrub resistance and stain resistance and corrosion resistance and outstanding performance into a water paint Appearance: Good flow, leveling properties and cover effect, uniform film thickness and film fullness, it does not affect the gloss characteristics of the coating film excellent environmental quality: free of organic solvents, heavy metals free of organic and inorganic tin harmful ingredients, non-toxic, odorless, safe, non- increase the content of volatile organic compounds based products simple way to add: Low viscosity liquid products, in paint production can easily add, compatibility, and does not require dilution prior to use, does not require PH soda and a broad range: Jog nonionic associative thickeners, which itself largely unaffected by PH value on performance, can be used in a wide range of reliable biological stability PH: anti-microbial and enzymatic degradation.

Suggested Use:
The recommended dosage formulation of the total 0.2% to 1% Packaging: 25200Kg / plastic barrel
This manual is for reference only; do not have any guarantee nature; please do the experiment in advance