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Adhesion promoter FZ-90

Adhesion promoter FZ-90
  • Adhesion promoter FZ-90
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Adhesion promoter FZ-90

The adhesion promoter is widely used in water-based and oil-based chemical products, is ideal for coating and paint adhesion increases, this adhesion promoter and product compatibility is good, unstable bubble, completely soluble in water, without any negative role, is the best partner of various chemical products.

Physical parameters:
Appearance light yellow transparent to translucent liquid
Active ingredient 100%
PH value 6
Viscosity (cst. 25 ℃) 45
Specific gravity 0.97
Recommended use:
1, aqueous hard wood floor paint 2, water wall paper pulp
3, 4 leather coat, water-based coatings.
5, aqueous systems can generally improve adhesion on non-porous substrates.
6, 7 water-based ink, water-based printing coating
The use of methods and precautions:
This product can be added directly, also joined after diluted with a solvent, it can also be added after before adding, in aqueous systems compared to other similar products, the product is stable in aqueous systems of more of the same in the oil system unaffected, generally added in an amount of 0.3%.

Storage and Shelf
This product in sealed storage when not in use, stored at room temperature, avoid sun exposure to avoid acid, alkali, strong oxidizing materials in contact with, this product is valid for three years over the storage period, after passing through can still be normal use.

This product uses the 25 kg and 200 kg plastic bucket metal pail