Plastic Recycle Storage Box #0609

Plastic Recycle Storage Box #0609

Product description:

Plastic Box/ Storage Box/ Plastic Case/ Recycling Box/ Tote Bin/ Packing Box

This is the turnover box especially for the booking storage.
Advantage and Benefits:
On the four corners there are improved handles conform to ergonomics
Across the long sides there are 2 stacking bar.
On the 4 sides outside there are grain area, so that label change will be easier.
On the bottom side there are skidproof dermatoglyph.

1. Manufacturer, plastic stackable storage tank
2. OEM, ODM service
3. Low sample fee
4. Fast delivery
5. CE, Rosh, FDA, SGS

Apply to electronic, computer or high-tech electronic industry products with high ESD requirements, packaging, storage, transport or transit of semi-finished products, anti-static properties to achieve a permanent, static API 104-106 ω.

Applies to: clothing, machinery, electronics, plastics, food, aquatic product, logistics, warehousing and other industries.

Applicable to high-tech electronic hardware industry, or used in the medical industry, long distance transportation, long-term working capital and a one-time export of workplace use. Meet customer needs. Nonpoisonous and tasteless, suitable for all kinds of factories, storage and transportation, are common to super market, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and a variety of industry shipments of raw materials, stocks; can be recycled, in line with the requirements of environmental protection. Is export business in Europe and the best choice for a national ban on wood packaging products are bright, handsome in appearance, reasonable structure, precise, scientific processing of ingredients, durability