Soft Logistic Tube

Soft Logistic Tube

Product description:

Material storage racks lean pipe plastic coated pipe
1. Pipe OD 27.6-28mm
2. Typical application: Pipe joint sytem, worktable
1. )
Details of lean tube
Material: Extruded plastic coating (Outside ) + Galvanized Steel tube (Inner)
External diameter: 27.5mm- 28.0mm
Thickness of steel tube wall:
0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
(Note: 1.0mm is common used, other thickness is MOQ required)
Common used color: Beige / White / Black
(Other color can be customized with MOQ required)
Standard length: 4000mm per piece
Application: Applied to assemble carton flow rack, handcart, storage shelving, pipe racking system, logistics container, pipe joint system.
Package: 10PCS per bundle or packed in plywood case as your request
2. )
Application: Assemble any structure using different metal pipe joints to connect lean tubes (flexible bar) .
Applied to assemble carton flow rack, handcart, storage shelving, pipe racking system, logistics container, pipe joint system, using lean tubes (flexible bar) in dia 27.5-28mm.
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BENEFITS OF using pipe metal joints for flexible lean manufacturing system
Less waste
Fewer workstations
Quicker changes of tools, dies, and stamping machinery
Reduced downtime
Better control over quality
Reduced labor
More efficient use of machinery
Work-in-process inventory reduced
Increased capacity
Increased production flexibility
Masterpiping Lean Pipe Specification
Materrialsteel pipe plastic resin coating
Outside diameter28mm (1.10'') . Nominal
WeightApprox. 520glm (5.50zs/ ft)
ColorBlack Beige Green
Length4.0M (13.1'') /4.0M (19.7'')


Manufacturing Processing:
Cold rolled steel sheet→Clean&Cut→Make it Round→Seamless Welded→Spraying antirust inside→Making the pipe rounder and straighter→Plastic Coated→Cooling→Cooling Again→Cutting into the length→Packaging


Material: PE/ ABS plastic coating + iron pipes + anti-rust painting ;


Outer diameter: 27.5mm-28mm ;


Inner diameter: 19.5mm-24mm ;


Thickness: 0.7mm/ 0.8mm/ 1.0mm/ 1.2mm/ 2.0mm ;


Beige, Ivory, Black, Gray, Green, Red, Blue and so on
(Note: Beige, Ivory and Black are produced in large quantity every day , for these colors there is no MOQ ;
For other special colors , there will be a MOQ of 5000m-10000m) ;
Under the room femperature a downward exernal force evenly applies on zhe shelf at the speed of 3Kg/ min.
Note: In the above example, Torgue of connector is 9.8mm (100Kg'cm or 71/41B'FT) , These result is not applicable to other torque value or other pipe except Masterpipings standard pipe. At present, these test results are not take any safety factors into consideration.