Color plate PV mounting | color plate bracket

Color plate PV mounting | color plate bracket

Product description:

Usage: Photovoltaic roof support Origin: Jiangyin Use: ramp roof
Name: color plate PV mounting Brand: Sol PV

There are three color steel bracket:
1, standing seam type Color shingles
2, the angle Chi Ⅲ type Color shingles
3, corrugated tile Caigang sandwich style

effect: Intensify color plate projecting portion and aluminum rail support

Color steel roof PV mounting system solutions - for the market popular color plate, we specialize in development and design of the stent system.
Basic roof system for the current domestic use Standing seam type, style seams, snap Roof, we produce for a variety of roofing Fixture , Without damage to the roof of the preconditions to make the perfect combination of PV mounting and roof.

Steel tile PV mounting

Depending on the sloping roof substructure, Thor will provide you with the color steel tile roof photovoltaic system designed for the development of unique accessories to meet your requirements.

Color tile roof PV system bracket features:

1 adjustable for different thickness color steel tile accessories flexibility to meet customer applications.

2 connecting plates and other accessories designed to be flexible and effective realization of porous position adjustment.

3 does not damage the roof from water systems.

4 easy to install. Anywhere ramp loading cards from aluminum extrusion rail mount, and with highly preloaded card block and hooks to the greatest reduces installation time and costs.

5 extensive installation flexibility. Sol solar roof tilt bracket system is suitable for the current market there are a variety of common frame solar panels installed on the roof of various types, from small to large solar systems can be applied even several megawatt system .

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