Plant stand accessories | solar power accessories | stand accessories custom

Plant stand accessories | solar power accessories | stand accessories custom

Product description:

Uses: Connecting mounting bracket Size: Custom Material: Stainless steel or aluminum
Title: Plant stand accessories Brand: Sol PV

Saul stand accessories system description:

1 simplified accessories, quick installation, saving period. Professional product design, Saul PV mounting system composed of only a few parts, without on-site drilling or welding, can be quickly assembled on site, improve installation efficiency, saving time limit can be assembled in advance Accessories and then transported to a unified field, shorten the construction period .l Saul professional fitting has a flexible stent system regulation forms to meet complex construction site.

2 professional design, intensive production and reduce costs. Saul professional norms of structural engineering team has many years of experience in the design of the stent system, combined with domestic and foreign advanced design concepts, tailored to your needs and optimize the most cost-effective PV system bracket solve program. Our production factory has many years of manufacturing experience, mature technology, it has a cost advantage.

3 load design, security, anti-corrosion treatment, give full consideration to extend the life of Saul l stent system design dynamic load and static load characteristics such as: component weight, wind load, snow load combination of factors and seismic load, to ensure safety stent system performance.
Saul stent system uses high-quality steel production, processing hot-dip galvanized surface, to meet the general requirements of PV modules for outdoor use 25 years.