Aluminum rails | rail brackets

Aluminum rails | rail brackets

Product description:

Usage: fixer Model: SR-MR-07 Brand: Sol PV
Name: Aluminum rails Material: Aluminum

Solar Aluminum Aluminum guide rail

Installation is simple: use only a single installation tool can be rack-mounted complete package;

Drainage Sediment Reduction: stent using matrix streamlined design, truly drainage sediment reduction;

Wide range of applications: can be freely combined according to customer requirements;

Corrosion-resistant, strong anti-snow capacity, etc.

Solar aluminum alloy support

Solar panel mounting rail

Solar aluminum rails

Solar stent aluminum strut

Solar stent aluminum beams

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Material: AL6063-T5 or AL6005-T5 Finish: silver anodized
Size: can be customized

Saul guide the use of photovoltaic solar aluminum alloy material, compact structure, excellent mechanical properties, matching the card block may want to lock in positions directly into the profile of the inner sleeve slot, you can lock by tightening bolt position, overcame prior art, the end to move along the slot slide fastener locking point deficiency in profiles, profiles and fasteners to achieve rapid disassembly and positioning, greatly improving efficiency.